Chinese company registration in Beijing
Introduction of Representative Offices (ROs)

Documents required to register a business
Processing procedure (diagram)
Fee for company formation (based in Beijing)
Documents to be handed over after completion

Representative Offices in China

Representative Offices based in China require NO capitalization. Typically, they are non-legal entities representing the parent companies and used for China market research activities, to assess the scope and depth of the domestic market when considering a future investment, or for liaison activities between China-based buyers of the services or products sold by your international business.

In short, China Representative Offices may only engage in NON-profit making activities.

Under NO circumstances may Representative Offices be engaged in any business for profit, sign contracts on behalf of the parent enterprise, receive revenue in China, issue official tax invoices, buy property or import production equipment.

General Tax Information

All expenses incurred by Representative Offices (including staff salary and rental) will be taxed. It's approximately 10% of the total amount.
Representative Offices are subject to do routine monthly report to the Tax Administration Department, too.

Staff Recruitment

Representative Offices cannot recruit local staff themselves. They have to turn to HR agents appointed by China government.

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