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China Work Visa Extension (Residence Permit)

[News] updated on Dec. 10, 2017 - A new policy will officially go into effect on Feb. 28, 2018. All foreigners will be required to submit their application to renew their work permits 30 days ahead of the expiration date, according to a notice issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts (SAFEA) on Dec. 7, 2017. Failure to submit the application prior to the 30 day cutoff date means you'll be denied renewal and will be forced to start the work permit application process from the very beginning.

According to our experiences, 45-90 days ahead of the expiration date, you can begin the work visa extension.

Hereafter it is the FAQs on China work visa extension .

How can i know if the new ompany is qualified to hire me or not?
Some companies are NOT qualified to hire you, e.g. a Chinese company who doesn't have the social insurance certificate. You youself can check with the HR staff or we can help you communicate with the HR staff.

Do I need to re-apply the Z visa in HK if I worked before in other city and moved to Beijing?
No, you don't need to go to HK. Please prepare the transfer or cancellation letter by the local Labor Bureau where you worked before. You can get a new Foreigner's Work Permit in Beijing and in turn a new residence permit issued in Beijing.

Do I need the no-criminal record certificate if I worked before out of Beijing?
No, you don't need to provide the police clearance certificate. But you need to provide the original Bachelor Degree certificate (or above).

A. Documents required for China work visa extension with employing company changed:

To be prepared by the company
1. 2 copies of the new company's business license

2. A copy of foreign enterprise registration certificate issued by PSB (not required if it is a Chinese company) - done the annual check already
3. A copy of labor contract with the new company
4. Beijing UniPass USB Key
5. Application form for China working license (able to download after applying on internet by LEEO, please stamp)
6. Visa/residence permit application form (print on both sides of one page)
7. Letter of Authority
Note: all documents need to be chopped with the company's seal.

To be prepared by the foreigner
1. Alien Employment Permit cancellation letter - if it was NOT issued in Beijing, please provide the transfer or cancellation letter by the local Labor Bureau
2. Resume Written by yourself (needs to be translated to Chinese if in a different language)
3. **Original Bachelor (or above) degree certificate (needs to be translated into Chinese)
4. Three 2-inch photos with white background
5. Original passport
6. A copy of Beijing Registration Form of Temporary Residence (and original)
Note: Items marked with ** are required only if you worked before in other cities instead of in Beijing.

B. Documents to be handed over after completion
Work Permit renewed
Residence Permit for work renewed (stuck on the visa page of your passport)

If your present Chinese visa is not Residence Permit for work and would like to apply for it, please click China work visa (Residence Permit) Application


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