registration of temporary residence in Beijing
Registration of Temporary Residence in Beijing

According to the new China Immigration Law, foreigners need to register within 24 hours of arrival both in urban and rural areas.

The local police station (pai chu suo in pinyin) is the right place to go if you stay at an apartment rented by you or your friend.
Following documents are required when you do the registration.
* Original passport
* A copy of your apartment rental contract (if your friend rents the apartment, please ask him or her to go with you)
* A copy of the landlord's ID card and telephone number (for the first time, you'd better ask your landlord to go with you)
It is totally free to do the registration. And it takes quite a short time if you bring the right documents.

If you stay in a hotel (hostel), the staff there will voluntarily register for you as they are required to do so. The hotels (hostels) have the online system connecting with the Public Security Bureau database system.

If you move to another apartment or have your visa renewed or activate another entry by crossing the border, you need to redo the registration in time.

To do the registration is quite important and useful. When you renew the visa, the registration form of temporary residence is one of the necessary documents. If you don't do the registration or don't do it in time, you can get penalized.



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