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Focus on the New Chinese Immigration Law

* Fingerprint records can be required when applying for residence permits (for work, study or visiting relative), though at the moment it is not carried out in Beijing.
* It takes up to 15 working days to issue the residence permits, longer than before.

* Certificate of no criminal record is required when applying for China residence permit for work in Beijing.

* If some information changed on the residence permit, the foreigner should change the record at the Public Security Bureau within 10 days.
* Foreigners should register within 24 hours after staying at an apartment or a hotel. Before in rural areas, you can register within 72 hours.
* New-born foreign babies should get stay permits within 2 months at the local Public Security Bureau. Birth certificates are required to do so.
* Foreigners must get valid China work visas if they want to work in China mainland. Foreign students should not work full-time. There will be some part-time work regulations particularly designed for foreign students.
* If the foreigner overstays the visa, the penalty is 500 RMB / day. It can be 10,000 RMB maximum. Before it was up to 5000 RMB.




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