China permanent residence visa information
China D Visa

Residence Visa (D-Visa): for foreign citizens with permit of permanent residence in China.
D visa is a temporary, transitional visa like Z visa.

If the applicant is not in China mainland, he/ she can apply for a D visa in the Chinese embassy/ consulate by providing an official application letter issued by Ministry of Public Security.
He/she has to change D visa to a 10-year Permanent Residence Permit within 30 days of arrival. For those children (apply as qualified applicants' family members) who are under 18 years old, the Permanent Residence Permit is 5-year long.
If the applicant is in China mainland, he/ she can directly apply for Permanent Residence Permit.

There are several situations that you can get permanent residence permits.
1) Direct HUGE investment in China mainland (in the east of China, 2 million USD investment in your name; in the west of China, 0.5 million USD investment can work)
2) High positions in provincial-level Chinese government (or above), key universities, enterprises/ organizations who carry out important nation-level scientific projects or the like, high-tech enterprises and etc.
3) Great and special contributions to China
4) Foreigners who marry Chinese for over 5 years. In the past 5 continuous years, holding residence permits for work all the time.

As for the documents required for item 4) in Beijing, please refer to the following comments.
* already married for 5 years or above
* in the past 5 continuous years, holding residence permits for work all the time
* stayed in China NO less than 9 months each year for the past 5 years
* original updated health check report
* no-criminal record when staying abroad authenticated by Chinese embassy/ consulate
* original spouse's hukou booklet, ID card
* original marriage certificate (need to be notarized; if issued outside China, needs to be authenticated by Chinese embassy/ consulate)
* duty-paid proof for the past 5 years when holding residence permits
* apartment ownership certificate or rental contract which is subject to notarization
* certification of deposit to support your life in China for the following years
* original passport, 4 photos
* others may be required by the authority

Disclaimer: The information above is directly from relevant authority in Beijing. There may be some difference from city to city, from time to time. It is only for your reference.


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