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General Knowledge of Notarization and Accreditation

(I) What is notarization? Notarization refers to that the national authorities certify lawful action, lawful documents and facts to be true, legal in order to protect the public property and the individual rights and rightful benefits in terms of identity and property in lieu of the law. Notarization is a non-lawsuit activity.

(II) What is accreditation? Accreditation is also referred to as consular authentication, which means that the diplomatic or consular authority of one country certifies the authentication of the final signature and seal on the notarized documents issued by the notarization or accreditation organizations. The purpose of consular accreditation is to enable the documents notarized by one country to be accepted by another country and to avoid the influence on the lawful validity of the documents outside the country due to the doubt about the authentication of the signature and seal on the documents. Consular accreditation usually only confirm the notary, notary office, the officials of accreditation and the authentication of the signature and seal on the documents regardless of its content.




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